Training Dates: April 28, 2022, Edmonton
May 19, 2022, Edmonton

Dark Lips Correction Training

Dark Lip Neutralization is a specialized treatment series for those with cool or dark lips in which we neutralize the darkness in the lips to reach the desired color. We look at your lips and neutralize them by canceling out the original color. With dark lip neutralization, we include the initial appointment as well as 2 touch-ups, if needed. Each session is spread out at least 6 weeks apart. It may take 1-3 sessions to achieve your look, and there are special cases in which additional sessions are needed. Typically, we will do dark lip neutralization in those who are Fitzpatrick Scale 3 and up.

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Training Information
1 day $1200 + Optional Kit $300
2 days $1800 + Optional Kit $300
Bundle Deal: SAVE $200 if taking 3-in-1 Permanent Makeup Training + Dark Lips Correction Training, 8 days, $4700 + Optional Kit $300.

Registration form

For registration, please provide the information below. Please give us a call at (587)710-9245 for any questions. Once we receive your registration, you will get a confirmation email from us with further details.

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    Permanent makeup studio