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Eyelash Lift and Tint Training

The procedure Velvet for L&B should be carried out only by a professional master who has been trained! It’s the only way to guarantee a truly stunning and lasting effect of the procedure.

Advantages and differences “Velvet For Lashes&Brows”

What are the main advantages and differences of “ Velvet For Lashes&Brows” from other procedures for natural eyelashes:

All services in their own way are good for creating an aesthetic effect and/or one-time care on the eyelashes. The main thing, and the PRINCIPAL DIFFERENCE of the service «Velvet For Lashes&Brows” from all other procedures for natural eyelashes is that it is the FIRST SERVICE IN THE WORLD, CREATING NOT ONLY THE BRIGHT VISUAL EFFECT (the eyelashes become volumetric, visually long, dyed, with lifting from the root and shine along the entire length), but also RESTORES EYELASHES at a MOLECULAR LEVEL from the roots to the tips, which provides not only a bright visual transformation of eyelashes and eyebrows but also significantly increases their number and length.

eyelash lift and tint training

This training course focuses on acquiring the skills of the procedure Velvet for L&B. It also explains some of the nuances and possible issues that can arise both from the master and the client. It’s not a secret for anyone that success awaits the master who has a superb technique and is able to properly perform a procedure and can also answer all the questions that may arise and dispel the client’s doubt. A high-quality procedure and courtesy in relation to the client is a good profit basis by increasing the number of visits and loyalty to the salon/technician. The product is developed in the UK. 

$350 + GST

The cost of the 1-day training is $350. The starting kit is $350 (value $400) recommended for purchase, but not mandatory.
For confirmation, we require a deposit of $100 made by:

1. by email to everlashcalendar@gmail.com
2. With your credit card by calling 587-710-9245
Sveta Murdock
Certified Permanent Makeup Trainer

Registration form

For registration, please provide the information below. Please give us a call at (587)710-9245 for any questions. Once we receive your registration, you will get a confirmation email from us with further details.

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