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Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio Facial training

About Facial Training

  1. Skin structure and function of the skin

  • Functions of the skin

  • Aging skin

  • Skin layers

  • Pigmentation

  1. What is a facial?

  • What happens during a facial:

  1. Cleansing

  2. Exfoliation

  3. Preparing for extraction

  4. Extraction

  5. Masks

  6. Massage

  7. Last step (serum, moisturizer, sunscreen)

  • How long does a facial take

  • How much does a facial cost

  • What are the benefits

     3.    Acne

     4.    Atopic dermatitis

     5.    Sunburn 

     6.    Contact dermatitis

     7.    Rosacea

     8.    Basal cell carcinoma


What are the signs of skin aging?

  • Sagging skin is a sign of loss of volume

  • Fine lines and wrinkles also a sign of loss of volume 


How does the skin aging process work?


What are the internal causes of skin aging?


What are the external causes of skin aging?


Products that we use for facials.


Client consultation process and procedure.


Health and safety for the beauty section.


Trolley setup.

Procedure step-by-step.



Basic face massage.

Ingredients overview.


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Cost: 1 Day Facial $900 + Kit $400 1 Day Peel $700 + Kit $300 2 Days Facial + Peel $1500 + Kit $700 If purchased 2 Days Facial + Peel Training, Carboxytherapy training for FREE + Kit $100. Kit: Facial Kit Christina cleanser H.L. ABR 1-n Acnox solution D.A 1-n White peel Azulen 1-n Christina silky serum Silky base cream mask H.L. Sunbrella demi makeup SPF50 Peel Kit Peel I Balance Peel III Carboxytherapy Kit Exfo clarity peel AHA foam 175ml
Sveta Murdock
Certified Permanent Makeup Trainer

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For registration, please provide the information below. Please give us a call at (587)710-9245 for any questions. Once we receive your registration, you will get a confirmation email from us with further details.

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