Senior technician Svetlana Kameneva

Found and owned by Sveta Kameneva. She is also certified in Micro-pigmentation, a color expert, and an eyelash lift & permanent makeup trainer.

Being in the beauty industry for over 5 years we have chosen the most recent trends and styles.

All certifications in Europe from the industry’s leading instructors and have brought to Canada the best procedures and techniques.

All of our technicians continue to attend courses and masterclasses as you can always know more.

We love to give a new look for every woman and make them more confident.

We take the time for every client to make sure we achieve the best result from the procedure to satisfy you.


Middle Technician Natalia Kargaltseva

She has been working in the beauty industry for 12 years as a make-up artist and technician. During her career, she always took training masterclasses and participated in competitions, and also worked on fashion weeks. Her list of services:
  • Permanent makeup (eyebrows, classic eyeliner, and lips blush)
  • Eyebrow decoration with henna and paint.
  • Make-up (day, evening, fantasy, art – make-up, etc.)
Winner in the international competition “The Nevsky shores” among the masters in fantasy makeup in Saint-Petersburg in 2016, the 2nd place. Also she worked on fashion weeks in Rome, Odesa, and Kyiv, in the team of Ukrainian makeup artists.