Powdered Ombre Eyebrows

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Powdered Ombre Eyebrows


Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio

Light Touch powder ombre eyebrows

Is drawing on your eyebrows a bore? Light Touch Permanent Makeup Ombre Eyebrows are soft, defined, and offer a more gentle approach to a traditional chiseled brow look. Our technique creates the ultimate 3D shape and design to enhance, not detract, from your natural beauty.


Let’s map it out. In the beginning, we like to start out with brow mapping before the procedure begins. Next, we infuse our soothing and cooling cream to make the tattooing process easy and seamless. No pain no gain is NOT our motto. For the best results on your fresh new Powdered Eyebrow Ombre ensemble, we recommend coming back after 2 months for a quick touch-up.
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$150 – 450 for a 2.5-3 hour session.

If you have had your eyebrows done before, make sure to schedule a free consultation first!

Sveta (advanced technician) $450

Lubov (level 2) $350

Yisel (apprentice) $150

Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio
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